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Training Undergraduate Biologists through urban Agriculture

About TUBA

A research coordination network creating accessible undergraduate biology curriculum with urban agriculture

TUBA is a National Science Foundation funded Research Coordination Network (RCN). Our research network is focused on reducing attrition from biology majors in underrepresented and other groups. This will be accomplished through undergraduate student involvement in projects and purposeful collaborations through underrepresented student engagement programs. The topic of urban agriculture will help us connect to diverse agricultural legacies in immigrant and other communities to create broadly engaging learning experiences.

Conceptual Approach and Goals

Guided by AAAS' Vision and Change framework


Conceptual Approach

A network of campus research gardens will provide the link to curriculum grounded by the AAAS 2011 Vision and Change report (AAAS 2011). Students will be engaged with local communities through programs through our academic and non-profit partners.


Network Goals

TUBA's long-term goals are focused on building an inclusive and cohesive network of urban agriculture research practitioners and developing and collaborating on accessible biology curriculum to decrease undergraduate attrition in the sciences.

Join our research network to help build a community of researchers focused on

 urban agriculture modules, collaborative manuscripts and grant opportunities 


With network partners, TUBA is creating a collection of modules for biology courses with direct links to campus research gardens, urban agriculture, and community partners. TUBA modules are inquiry-based and designed to encourage student autonomy and discovery. Find out more by clicking on example modules below. Please check back soon as we add materials under TUBA Collaborative Modules!


Example Modules

TUBA's modules are designed to be easily integrated into existing biology courses and explore fundamental concepts in undergraduate biology education and the scientific process. See how principles of AAAS' Vision and Change report are incorporated into biology modules focused on urban agriculture and campus research gardens.


TUBA Collaborative Modules 

Members of TUBA are assembling urban agriculture modules designed for undergraduate biology courses. As modules are developed and implemented, we will update this section. 

The Stewardship Garden at the University of St. Thomas is a site of ongoing urban agriculture biology research and social innovation initiatives. 

Join Us

Please contact us by filling out the form if you are interested in collaborating on urban agriculture curricular development, manuscripts, and future grant funding opportunities! 

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